Sacha Carina
Sacha Carina
Beyond functionality

Sacha Carina.

Creative Director. Keynote Speaker. Artist.


Think beyond

Sacha is the founder of The Studio, A Creative Consultancy that helps Tech Companies create a Product Strategy that goes beyond the status quo. Looking at competition is not enough today to stay competitive, Successful companies need to write their own future. Storytelling, Designs and Film are mediums used to communicate your future within Design, Product, Strategy and Marketing teams.

Keynotes and Master Classes. Be inspired and learn more about Design Strategies; How Storytelling, Provoking Questions and Great visuals will help your teams be excited and aligned on the future. Set a 10x vision and identify milestones to reach it. These classes give your teams practical insights in how to think like a designer.

Freelance Creative Director

Typical 4-6 Month in-house project

Use Design Thinking Methodology and Storytelling to understand and articulate what your clients desire. This will be translated into a Visual Story of what your product would look like in this desired state. Inspire your teams, Get clear alignment on the Product Strategy and excite your customers with your Product Vision.

Artist and Entrepreneur

Re-inventing Luxury

Focus on sustainable, modern fashion. From sneakers to Kimono’s.


Technology & The Arts

I love to share my thoughts on the importance of Aesthetic philosophies and Storytelling in Product Design, to create products people desire.

Please do reach out to me for any interesting talks.